Terry Cunningham

Terry Cunningham is ExceedCE’s  educational consultant, bringing  an extensive background in instructional design and curriculum development. As Vice-President of Education for the CCIM Institute, she pioneered adult and online learning initiatives throughout her 16 year tenure. She was instrumental in the development of CCIM's Robert L. Ward Center, major curriculum redesigns, and the advancement of the Institute's online educational presence.

Terry is a graduate of Amherst College in  Massachusetts.  She was also the recipient of the CCIM's Victor L. Lyon Award – an award for dedication and contributions to the CCIM educational program and  usually reserved for Institute instructors.

Terry left the Institute in 2016 to pursue independent education consulting opportunities and to launch a handmade jewelry business. She is an accomplished and creative jewelry designer and launched her new company, Two Quaker Hill, in 2017 . [She can be found at regional trade shows throughout the Midwest as well as online].