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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


I completed a course, but do not see a certificate.

To receive a course completion certificate, your profile must include your real estate license information including the state in which you are licensed. Please fill-out this information in your user profile. Then, email and we will issue your certificate manually.

Where do I find my certificates?

In your User Profile on the left-hand side, select My Achievements. Then, select My Certificates.

I failed the California final exam twice. Can you reset the final exam?

Since the course's retake exam resulted in a non-passing score, you must re-enroll in the course per DRE regulations:

"An offering may include a provision for one retaking of the final examination by a participant who failed the original examination provided the questions in the re-examination are different questions than those asked in the original final examination. A participant who fails the re-examination has failed the course and receives no credit from that course. Such a participant is not barred from re-enrolling and attempting completion of the same course, but must re-complete the credit hours and pass the final examination to receive credit for the course.”

Why am I not able to skip ahead on videos?

To comply with states' mandatory seat times and other requirements, we lock down our videos.

Why do I have to answer a survey to finish a course?

These courses are all approved by ARELLO which is an international rating agency designed to ensure high-quality course development. To comply with ARELLO standards, we are asked to allow our customers to provide feedback in the form of a survey. This reasoning is why the surveys are a required part of the course.

I finished reading the material for this module. Why is the system not letting me progress to the next module?

Many states have mandatory seat times. We time-out each module based on the word count and average speed of a reader.  If you finished reading the material faster than the minimum time required in the module, please wait until the minimum time is up. You may then progress forward.