At ExceedCE, Rebecca Van Diest plays a pivotal role as the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media expert. With a keen understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape, she adeptly manages the organization's social media platforms and implements strategic SEO techniques. By optimizing the company's website and curating engaging content, Rebecca ensures that ExceedCE stands out in the competitive continuing education (CE) market. Her meticulous efforts ensure that when potential customers search for target keywords like "continuing education," "real estate," and "online CE" on Google, ExceedCE is prominently featured, fostering meaningful connections with the target audience.

Through her astute approach to content creation and SEO optimization, Rebecca Van Diest helps ExceedCE establish a formidable online presence that sets it apart from competitors. Her dedication to excellence ensures that the company increases its brand visibility and recruits organic traffic. Her adeptness in aligning the company's content with target keywords further solidifies ExceedCE's position as an industry leader, attracting and engaging customers seeking reliable and valuable educational resources.

Beyond her role as a content creator, Rebecca Van Diest is a key enabler of ExceedCE's customer-centric approach. Her relentless pursuit of excellence in SEO and website optimization ensures that the company is easily accessible to those in search of pertinent information. By connecting ExceedCE with customers through search engine visibility, Rebecca facilitates meaningful interactions and fosters long-term relationships with satisfied learners. As a result of her strategic initiatives, ExceedCE remains at the forefront of the CE market, setting the standard for quality education and unparalleled online expertise.

Rebecca also curates social media content like interviews, videos, articles, and blog posts. You can view our content on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.