At ExceedCE, Lauren Kristensen is a driving force behind the company's course development endeavors, showcasing her diverse skill set and expertise. As the overseer of course development, she takes charge of critical aspects such as video editing, course design, and user experience, ensuring that learners have a seamless and engaging educational journey. Her proficiency as an instructional designer allows ExceedCE to deliver high-quality, interactive, and immersive learning experiences.

Having joined ExceedCE in August 2022, Lauren has quickly become an indispensable asset to the organization. Her multifaceted role extends beyond course development, encompassing responsibilities in state compliance and marketing. Ensuring that courses adhere to various state regulations and guidelines, she guarantees that ExceedCE maintains its reputation as a trustworthy and reliable continuing education provider across different regions.

Moreover, her involvement in marketing strategies allows the company's educational programs to reach a broader audience, creating awareness and fostering engagement with potential learners. Lauren's dedication and expertise have significantly contributed to ExceedCE's success in delivering top-tier continuing education resources to its customers. Through her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence, she plays a key role in elevating the company's course offerings to meet and exceed industry standards. Her continuous efforts in refining course content and ensuring compliance with state requirements reflect her unwavering passion for enhancing the learning experiences of students and professionals in the real estate field.